a personal, less bookshelf & cat filled subsidiary of this little gem.

sometimes I really wish I was the type to get angry at personal situations. the anger has been bred out of me. I feel as though I just can’t get genuinely mad at someone. instead, I get sad and take all of the anger I should be feeling out on myself.
for example, today was yet another day where I got my hopes up and had them violently shot down. and this happens a lot. but, like always, I thought today was different. because things were getting better. maybe this was the start of something good. things were looking up.
and then, in an instant, things can revert back to exactly how they were. the same sadness. the same funk. the same facade.
it’s not that I’m depressed, either. it’s just that I’m sick and tired of getting my hopes up in my relationship only to have them crushed into the dirt.
I just need to leave. soon. immediately. because I can’t stand much more of this. im ruining my interpersonal relationships with a teeny flaw in my romantic one. teeny, I say, but yet I type this word vomit.
god, how I wish I could just punch a wall or angrily lash out or something. that’s all I want right now. some form of release. but yet, here I lay, immobile but for my speedily typing fingers. typing out of despair, reaching out for something, anything to make this entire night perhaps not feel so empty.
and, for a moment, I pause in my emotional tirade and hear the constant tick of the clock behind me. and now I realize that, I really am alone in this. and maybe I should just breathe and take a walk and keep going like always. because, despite what I may type here, I really am alone like always. and I may just have to go on with life no matter what petty things may occur.

and I’m not even rereading whatever goobildygunk I just spewed out. because that’s what this blog is for, for not overthinking whatever I may spew and just, for a second, letting go.
maybe this is my release after all.


yes massah, yes… now hush up, y’hear? the chillen is sleepin upsturrs..

oh hello, i didn’t see you there

hello there ladies and germs, you seem to have stumbled across my personal blog, which means that you either know me personally or would like to know me, which is quite kind of you, so thanks.

i’m basically the most awkward and worst at these intro things so i’ll just state the basics:

• personal blog of 

• will not post on here unless i remember

• i won’t remember most likely

• primarily because i hardly have any human interaction outside of erin, davy, and my english professor

• PLEASE ask as many questions/write as many comments as you want because i get super excited when i see the little message starburst

• i can’t think of anything else important, but i’m sure i’m missing anything

oh well, thanks for your patience, and LET’S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD

p.s. i just discovered instagram, so you have been warned.